Why we don’t regard the flora of the oral cavity the same we do the vagina?


Why we don’t regard the flora of the oral cavity the same we do the vagina?

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I suppose it’s because our diet, so the things we put in our mouths now, are less natural and a lot of the flora so to speak, is no longer at natural levels.

Whereas we generally aren’t shoving salt filled, fatty or sugary items into our vaginas. Or at least, we really shouldn’t be.

This isn’t me hating on modern food btw it’s just our diets are less as evolution intended so we are more likely to have issues with unwanted bacteria and build up of plaque etc. Whereas anything outside of natural entering the vagina is mostly clean or sterile for the most part. (Hopefully)

An old antiseptic turned floor cleaning product was invented that wasnt selling well. It was discovered it could also “freshen breath”. Listerine started fear based advertising campaigns of young women and men and a new social paranoia was born.


Because teeth. Preventing their decay has certainly changed the way we view our relationship with those acid-shitting critters who live in our mouths.

Actually the flora in your mouth plays important part. It is just rare that they become an issue, outside of causing cavities which is actually done by a specific kind of a bacteria.

There is a reason you are advised to use antiseptic mouthwash only for short periods. Since using them for long can cause fungal infections in your mouth.

Here is something that people don’t really understand. We have bacteria everywhere in our bodies. 99.9% of it is beneficial for us and we have evolved to have there. When they live and flourish, they take space from harmful bacteria and other things that are bad for us.