Why videos at 60 FPS are great but gaming at 60 FPS is not that good?


Why videos at 60 FPS are great but gaming at 60 FPS is not that good?

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Who said gaming at 60 fps isn’t great, playing a AAA title on 60 fps is totally fine. Only competitive gaming requires at least 144 fps, as far as i know

Because while gaming you control the movement, and in one second perform multiple actions, so all that playing out would look glitchy, given that there’s background movement and after effects. Simply put, videos are less dynamic and predictable that games. The more movement and effects on the screen, those extra FPS help add motion. Thinking of it like a low quality WhatsApp gif still looking pretty good, but games playing at 20fps would look stuttery.

Can’t generalize it that simply. Really depends on the game for most games 60 or even 30 fps are enough. Unless it is a shooter or a fast paced game where reaction time is of essence.

Videos that are recorded and played back at the same FPS will have the appropriate Motion Blur. If you take a film that records/plays at 24 FPS, in 1/24th of a second, the film will capture all the motion of an actors movements. When that frame is played back, you see all that motion blur.

With video games, you can’t really create a convincing motion blur. You create crisp perfect images for every single frame. Since there’s no blur, you have to play it back fast enough for the human eye to be reasonably fooled.

60 FPS is usually enough for that. Some professional gamers want 144 FPS or higher since it can give a competitive advantage. Gaming at ~30 FPS is really noticeable.