Why ulcer doesn’t heal like ‘normal’ wounds?* And why does lips become dry when there’s ulcer?


*If a vice ‘bit’ a chunk of your hand off,it’ll heal following the ‘normal’ [stages of healing](http://www.shieldhealthcare.com/community/popular/2015/12/18/how-wounds-heal-the-4-main-phases-of-wound-healing/ “im sure some of you didn’t know you can do this;)”) and gradually became smaller.

__BUT__,lets say you accidentally bite yourself on the lips(and the injury have a radius about 0.5 mm),the injury can grow to the size(or width) of a teeth!

And is there any other injury that heals like ulcer?

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I’m not sure we have the same definition of ulcer. Just any wound of the mouth or lips is not an ulcer. Ulcers have different causes, such as bacteria eating a hole or the stomach eating a hole into itself. Herpes blisters of the mouth would be a rash, not a true ulcer.

Biting the inside of your lip wouldn’t be an ulcer, but constantly tonging it would impair the stages of healing. The mouth also stretches and moves quite a lot, which would impair scar formation and healing stages.

In actual ulcers, the underlying cause needs to be addressed. In the example of stomach ulcers, a common cause is helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) where it attaches to the stomach wall near the pyloric part and causes trouble. Dealing with them would be step 1.

H. pylori has a pretty interesting science history to it, if anyone feels like sharing.