why touching the edges of the tent when youre in it makes water come in


When camping ive always been told not to touch the edges of the tent, and when sleeping, to stay away from the edges and being youngest of five, i was almost always squished up to the edge and i always wake up wet so why does the tent get water inside when you touch the edges?

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It’s your fault. You did it.

But seriously. Our bodies produce a lot of warm moist air. And a lot of times that air temp is above the due point for the air outside. So when the tent walls match the dew point, boom condensation. Then you touch it and get a droplet going and chaos theory takes over and that one drop keep crashing into other drops and away it goes until it soaks into your sleeping bag.

If tent fabric is taut enough, water will roll off it. Anything that touches the walls of the tent from the inside provides a point where water can seep through.