Why people tend to get more agressive when drunk


Why people tend to get more agressive when drunk

In: Biology

The frontal lobe is impaired by alcohol and stops working properly. It is responsible for higher order thinking and allows people to control their behavior against emotions like anger. Not being able to control their behavior makes people more reactive to emotions and more likely to act on their emotional impulses.

It isn’t that people get more aggressive it’s that the emotional filter stops working properly and makes it easier for impulsive emotions to run uncontrolled.

Alcohol inhibits parts of the brain linked to self control and self reflection. So your sober self might realize “That thing that just happened made me angry, but it isn’t that big a deal so I don’t need to punch this guy”, whereas your drunk self might be like “That thing that just happened made me angry so I need to punch this guy”.

Alcohol doesn’t *create* anger, rather it suppresses our ability to process, rationalize, and control our anger.


It removes inhibition, because it impairs the function of the frontal lobe (which is responsible for thinking about the consequences of our actions and inhibition). So we don’t control our anger when inebriated.