Why is there such widespread panic about COVID-19?


Why is there such widespread panic about COVID-19?


The virus is highly contagious before people show symptoms, unlike ebola where people were the most contagious after it was obvious that they already had it. Even though the death rate is low, healthcare centers/workers can be overwhelmed if enough people are infected fast enough. When medical care is rationed some people are going to be left to fend for themselves.

It’s a novel virus that hasn’t infected anyone before and, therefore, no one has developed antibodies or immunity to it. People with weakened immune systems are much more likely to get it and die because their bodies aren’t as able to fight it off. People aren’t considering that the widespread panic and over preparedness is sending terror throughout the world.

Part that isn’t talked about all that often is that in the case of viruses, there’s a chance of mutation between each host, and so what is currently not a big deal/is asymptomatic to most people who carry the virus, if it keeps spreading and mutating this could very quickly not be the case anymore.

As the current-day news media is wont to do, it is being a bit alarmist, but overall it’s better to just hunker down for a little bit, let the virus get dealt with and let healthcare workers keep it as contained as possible, given that for the people at the highest risk, it is pretty significantly deadly. 3.5% fatality rate doesn’t sound like much, but that’s 1 out of every ~28 or so cases being fatal.

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