why is fat stored mainly around the waist and stomach?


As title says; why is fat first stored around the stomach and then afterwards the other parts of the body. Also why in the case of women is it also the thighs and but.

In: Biology

Because fat has the ability to act as a kind of shock absorbing armor, so concentrating it in your thoracic area helps to protect your internal organs from damage. Our most critical cardiovascular organs are protected by our ribcage, but everything else is pretty vulnerable by comparison.

Because that’s where the parts are that need the most protection. All your vital organs are in your belly and chest, except for the brain of course. Fat is great insulation, and helps keep you warm. When it’s cold, the first thing that cools off are your hands and feet, then arms and legs. Your body pulls blood out of them to keep your blood warm and around your organs. You can live without a finger that froze off, but not with a damaged liver or undercooled kidneys.

3 reasons:
1. It insulates your vital organs, i.e. prevents quick heat loss.
2. It acts as a shock absorber and asa protective layer for your vital organs.
3. It’s closer to your center of mass there, making the extra weight easier to move. Also, having a lot of stored fat makes it more difficult to use your limbs.