Why don’t we use magnets to turn turbines and generate electricity?


Why don’t we use magnets to turn turbines and generate electricity?

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you can. its not 100% efficient though so there are losses, often making it not worthwhile.

how do you move the magnets to induce the electrical current? hence things like water turbines which put simply, use the preexisting flow of water to turn a turbine with magnets on it to induce current.

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What’s going to push the magnets?

You can’t get free energy. If you ever think you’ve found free energy you haven’t, it just means you didn’t pay attention to something in your system.

We use super hot steam, or large quantities of water to turn turbines which spin generators. You always need an energy source since you can only convert, not create

It’s the magnets turning that generates the electricity. The turbines are there to turn the magnets.

Magnets are not a source of energy. When two magnets attract each other you need to expend more energy to pull them apart than you could obtain from their movement. When two magnets repel each other you need to expend energy to push them together. You can’t use an arrangement of magnets to make other magnets spin because the magnetic fields as a whole interact with each other, which will result in whatever you’re trying to spin getting locked into place.

When people talk about using magnets as a source of energy they are referring to free energy devices. A free energy device is impossible, it’s not possible to create or destroy energy, only change it’s form.

Captain Disillusion did a video on free energy devices and magnets awhile back with a former TV scientist. [https://youtu.be/sT_bTnkwLuE](https://youtu.be/sT_bTnkwLuE)

What energy source is turning the magnets?

Wind? Water? Hot compressed gasses? Steam?

Magnets aren’t magical. They don’t create energy out of nothing. Setting up a magnetic field consumes energy, and when the field is released, the same amount of of energy is expelled.

Perpetual motion (infinite energy) is currently impossible because we haven’t found any exceptions to the first law of thermodynamics (no energy can be created destroyed).

So the energy a magnet gives off can’t create electricity (at least in the way the question is stated)

As long as a magnet doesn’t move, its not doing any work. Hence, it cannot be considered a source of energy. Just because something exerts a force, doesn’t mean you can harness energy from it

Because natural magnets don’t generate the amount of magnetism needed to turn a turbine at an acceptable rate.

Magnets by themselves are not an energy source. You can create a device with magnets attached in certain spots that will enhance how long something can spin, but once you attach a generator motor to it, it will quickly stop spinning due to the friction created by the motor.

Energy cannot be created, or destroyed. You can change its form, but you cannot destroy it (IE: Burn gas to create heat energy, this is changing its form).