Why do we still have to pee even when we’re dehydrated?


If humans are dehydrated and therefore lack sufficient fluids in their system. Why must we still urinate?

For context, my friend and I just worked out heavily this afternoon, went for about 3.5 hours. It wasn’t the original plan however we were just feeling good but because it wasn’t planned, neither of us brought enough water.

When I got home I had to pee immediately and as you may imagine, my urine was dark yellow. So why would I even have to pee in the first place if I’m lacking fluids?

In: Biology

Peeing isn’t just a way to eliminate excess water. It’s also a way to eliminate waste caused by the normal functions of our body.

Our Kidneys filter waste out of our blood. Then they mix that waste with water they also get from the blood, and it goes into our bladder as urine.

If you are dehydrated there is less water to mix with the toxins, but the toxins still need to be filtered out.