Why do we get the slow motion effect when a dangerous event happens.


I remember this happening twice very vividly. A major car crash where my seat came off the frame and I hit the air bag (which my thought was “this air bag doesn’t hurt”). Also when I was 10 or 11 and I was thrown from my bike at 15-25 miles an hour (which my thought was “this is going to hurt”)

During both of those events it was as if time slowed down and was running in slow motion. The event with the bike allowed me to curl into a ball and roll with the fall.

This also happened more than a few times when I played football in high school but nothing like the dangerous events noted above.

In: Biology

An increase of adrenaline and other hormones preparing you for action and speed up your perception and ability to react. This in turn makes time feel as if it passes slower during an incident. This effect is minor and is likely amplified in your memory of the event, so that your brain can pick apart and analyse it better.