Why do two things that taste great on their own (such as chocolate or cheese), taste horrible when you combine the two?


I mean, I wouldn’t eat chocolate covered cheese, but I could eat a whole bar of chocolate or a piece of cheese on their own. What exactly makes them taste horrible when you put them together?

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This is such a subejctive question and therefore really hard to answer.
Firstly, there are a lot of people who quite like combinations like that such as ice cream and chips/fries. On the other hand do chocolate and cheese both get their “deliciousness” from very tiny flavours and tastes (sry this part is hard to put in words for me) so their special taste is basically gone when combined with something that does not compliment these flavours.

Chocolate and cheese is delicious if you chew up the cheese, then have a piece of chocolate while the cheese is still in your mouth

Think about it like colors. Some people like blue, some like red. Some like both. When put together, they make purple, which some people might dislike, the way you dislike chocolate and cheese, but like them seperately. Some people like purple, but not red or blue. Thats two foods that taste bad individually, but good together.

Its really just a change in flavor because of the combo.

Taste is very subjective. To me, most cheeses on their own taste disgusting, but the majority of people love cheese. There probably are people who enjoy cheese and chocolate together. I think your food preference has to do with your DNA and environmental factors (where you grew up, how many different types of cuisine you’ve sampled, etc.). I’m not entirely sure why some flavors work and others don’t.

It might be helpful to remember that taste is a detection of chemicals. Perhaps there is an interaction between the chemicals you prefer that results in a chemical you find unpleasant.

It’s subjective to people’s tastes, so it’s kind of hard to answer this. Chocolate cheesecake is delicious, and it’s technically a combination of chocolate and cheese. Ricotta cheese mixed with sugar/sweetener and cocoa powder is delightful, also a mixture of chocolate (kinda) and cheese.

Swiss and milk chocolate are probably not as enjoyable stacked on top of one another, but it depends on your tastes. I’ve never tried it, and can’t attest to how it tastes, but that doesn’t mean it tastes “horrible”.

Have you ever eaten a chocolate cheesecake?