Why do teeth move after your braces come off?


Why do teeth move after your braces come off?

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Teeth are sitting in the jaw bone right? Well, they’re actually sitting in a ligament, think of it like a little rubber band around the tooth root.

Teeth shift as we age. They want a buddy to be next to and they want a buddy to chew against. They also want to shift back to where they were which is why you have to wear your retainer at night, forever, to keep your teeth in place. Even people who didn’t have braces but want their teeth to stay that way should consider a retainer because like I said they shift with age, doesn’t matter who you are, they do. I know it seems annoying to wear the retainers but if you make it a habit it you’ll enjoy wearing them at night and you’ll keep that beautiful smile you (or your parents) just paid a few grand for.

This is off subject slightly but as a reminder you can use denture cleanser tablets to keep your retainers nice and clean. If you have fixed retainers (attached directly to the teeth) you need to make sure you pick up some super floss or floss threaders to floss between it to keep it as clean as possible.