Why do studio headphones have such long cords?


Title pretty much sums it up. I have a pair of studio headphones and the cord is about 10 feet long, and I’ve noticed others are the same way and I’m just curious as to why.

In: Technology

They’re designed for studio use, so the cord is long to allow you to move around more freely to reach the equipment and so on.

Having a short cord and needing a long one is (almost) always a bigger problem than having a long cord and only needing a short one. Studio musicians can’t just sit by the amp with a 3 foot headphone cable all the time, so they design them to cover more use cases.

Practicality when in a studio or home listening environment…

A short cable is great when it is plugged into a device that is in your pocket, but studio equipment is ultimately intended for use in a studio. So rather than having a portable player on your person, you may be plugging them in to an audio interface on a nearby desk, needing to move back to work audio equipment or play an instrument, or just want to sit back on a sofa while plugged into nearby audio gear – the longer cable just allows you that extra freedom to move and get further from the device you are plugged into.