Why do phone calls still sound so bad in this day and age?


Why do phone calls still sound so bad in this day and age?

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Compression and standards. Calls were designed to run on thin and feeble wiring. Transmitting an understandable voice signal was always the priority over fidelity. When we went digital, they stuck with the generally accepted norm. Bandwidth and time slots for cell networks were a limiting factor.

Newer networks, I can think of Sprint as one, offered hi def voice calls (or whatever they called them) but even those weren’t good. Just extended high frequency sensitivity.

The true reason is network saturation and interference in urban areas and lack of infrastructure in rural areas. In developed countries, we have regulations for setting up network towers. Too much radiation is harmful for organisms. But this reduction of radiation also means individual towers carry more load than it is mathematically efficient.

Also huge buildings and tons of other signals in the air causing interference.

Calls would sound better if we start lifting regulations and stop giving f*cks about our health or reduce population density in urban areas and then whittle down every building to 4 storeys. There is basically no way around this.