Why do people prefer to hold the phone while watching instead of me holding it for them while they’re watching?


Why do people prefer to hold the phone while watching instead of me holding it for them while they’re watching?

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Do to the polarization of the screen, it is rare that you can see what is on the phone clearly without angling it at just the perfect position. When somone else is holding the phone it usually is not clear. Also your eyes compensate for the movement of the screen when you are holding it rather than someone else.

All hands shake, at least an amount, I can’t explain why, but in a way, I feel like my brain knows how my arms will shake and can better follow the screen, otherwise when someone else is holding it it feels like the screen is going all over the place. Kinda like when you’re driving and you rock less than the passengers, since you feel the car and where it’s driving.

Because I am able to determine the best angle and distance that I can read at, while it is much more difficult for you to do so. When you show me ext on your screen I have to bob and weave to read the screen optimally, while trying to get you to hold the phone still, rather than trying to track my head movements to “help”

Lack of control. People do not like not having the sense of control of things. When you hold the phone they can’t control the angle, how high or low it is, when to fast forward. It makes them feel uncomfortable/uneasy.

It allows us to take control over the positioning and support so that we get the best view possible.

For example reflections can often be an issue – when you hold a phone yourself you naturally adjust the position of it to control where and how bad these reflections are. Right now typing this comment my phone screen is clear and visible, but I only need to twist or move the phone by a couple of degrees or millimeters and my screen is blocked by various reflections. Holding a phone yourself you do this adjustment pretty naturally, while of someone else is holding it you end up either persevering with a poor view or sucking and weaving to try and position your head where you get a clear view.

This then gets even more noticeable as other people won’t be holding a phone in sync with you – their arm may naturally shake or drift which is again compensated for naturally when you are holding and viewing, but irritating when someone else is.

Trying to view a video when the phone is slowly drifting around, changing position and viewing angle makes it hard to watch, all solved by holding it myself at a comfortable distance/position and under my own control.

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