Why do people fold their clothes?


When I was younger (and didn’t have my own family), I would never fold my clothes. They would go straight from the laundry rack to my wardrobe, and literally they would be always hanging. Now that I am (a bit) older, I do fold them (I don’t know why exactly, probably marital pressure 😉 ), but I still absolutely cannot understand why we do this. It takes time, makes clothes look all crumpled, and piling them in a closed space doesn’t look to me as the best way to keep them fresh… so, are we all spending that much time on folding clothes only for space matters?!

Please, explain like I’m 5!

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Folding clothes makes them easier to manage and store.

I have a cubby hole for gym t-shirts, I can tell at a glance how many I have left in rotation because they’re folded, stacked and organised.

It’s for space. Folded clothes take up significantly less space than unfolded clothes do.

Try filling your closet with all tshirts and pants and shorts unfolded. You’ll find you run out of space pretty quick

I dunno if it’s just me but I feel like folding and hanging are a waste of time. After laundry, I just throw them into boxes, a box for inners and a box for uppers and a box for everything else.. I tell my myself this excuse to hide my laziness- Life is Too fucking short to organize 😁

Sure, hanging is better than folding when it comes to preserving the look of the clothes, but it also takes up more space. A lot of people don’t have a ton of space. So we use drawers.

To put clothes in a drawer, you could either fold them neatly or just toss them all in. If you fold them neatly, you *might* end up with some creases, which don’t look too great… ***but if you just stuff them in randomly***, you get random crumply creases which look downright terrible.