Why do intestinal cramps hurt?


If there are no nerve endings in the intestinal tract, why does it hurt so badly when you have gas pains or cramping? And why does a heating pad help?

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Where did you see that there aren’t any nerves in the GI tract?

There are very many nerve endings all along the intestinal tract. They are different than the sensory and motor nerves of, say, your skin and muscles, but they very much exist. They are called visceral nerves (viscera = guts).

there is so many nerves in the intestinal tract that some people call it ”The second brain”.

Why do they exist? To help us know when we need food??

A heating pad works at I helps the cramping muscles to relax. Warm muscles naturally relax, probably to not become overheated. Therefore, less cramp and less pain.

I get what you’re saying. If we can’t feel when our food is being digested, why can we feel things such as gas bubbles?

Ischemia— tissues deprived of oxygen from twisting or pressure can hurt immensely. This is why period cramps hurt so much, too.