Why do caffeinated drinks not always keep you awake?


Sometimes when I for example drink coffee, I still feel exhausted and just fall asleep?

In: Chemistry

Caffeine is not an energy source, it simply enhances your metabolism, makes it work faster, to stay awake you have to eat and hidrate, restore your body energy so that caffeine has something to work with.
Also too much caffeine can have a counter effect and literally send you into clouds.

Simplified…..think of locks and keys. A chemical (key) bonds to a receptor (lock) that makes you sleepy. Caffeine prevents this key from binding to the lock. There are only so many locks and keys and eventually the effects wear off and you get sleepy. Your body wants to sleep when it’s tired and of the locks are still recovering the caffeine won’t block the key. Your body can build a tolerance to caffeine and you have to drink stronger coffees to have the same effect. Less is more!

The body can build a tolerance to caffeine, but most importantly it’s not giving the body energy it just enhancing the way the body uses its energy.

At some point your energy levels run out.

That’s why caffeine is normally in sugary drinks the sugar helps provide the fuel the body needs to stay awake, but the sugar crash is going hit sooner or later.

Sleep is essential so don’t fight it, it’s good for your general health.
Caffeine never really did me much good I could drink a red bull and go straight to sleep.
However I also find I don’t need as much sleep as I did years ago.
I had to get my 7 or 8 hours or be a wreak the next day, now I can get 4 and get through the day.

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