Why can’t you take your wifi router around with so you have wifi anywhere you go?


Why can’t you take your wifi router around with so you have wifi anywhere you go?

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because the router only turn your hardline home connection into wifi, it doesnt have its own connection

You can. But having wifi doesn’t mean having an internet connection.

Wifi is only used to connect your device to your router. The router itself needs to be connected to the internet somehow.

It needs to be plugged in. Your home’s internet line is plugged into the router, which makes it wireless. If you just bring the router to somewhere else, and it only has power but not an internet line to plug into, it’s not going to connect your devices to the internet.

The router does not make the internet. It only turns the internet that it is connected to into a wireless signal that you can connect to. So if you take your router outside your home, then it no longer has an internet connection to turn into a wireless signal.

No. Your wifi is connected to a physical copper or fiber optic line that goes from your house to your Internet Service Providers network. Without this connection it does not have any Internet and can not provide Internet services to other devices. There are devices commonly called hotspots which have a wifi router and a cell phone connection. These will use the cell phone network to get Internet that they can then provide to connected devices. Because you need a cell phone data plan this is most commonly used for laptops or other devices that does not have cell phone hardware. And in fact most cell phones can be configured as hotspots using their data plan to provide Internet to other connected devices. But using a hotspot will not provide you with any of the benefits of a dedicated copper or fiber line to your home such as reduced cost, higher bandwidth and increased reliability.

For much the same reason you can’t (couldn’t) take your landline phone with you, it is plugged in to the phone line. You can take the physical device with you, but it needs to be connected to your phone line and that is locked to your house.

It’s difficult to fathom, but the internet is all wired. Your connection via wireless is just connecting to a nearby device, which is then wired to the network of wires across the world.

If you took a piece of paper around with you without a pencil, your thoughts won’t magically appear on the page.

A wifi router (paper) is a tool to give you access to the internet. Without a connection (pencil) to the internet (your brain), it’s not going to do anything.

This is a horrible analogy because you still need a device to connect to the router to use the internet. But you’re five so you’ll just have to roll with it.

You cant if the WiFi router uses a cellular network for the internet connection. There is many that is designed just for that with builtin batteries.

If it is a router that has the internet connection by Cable TV, ADSL, Ethernet, or any other wire then taking it with you would not give you internet access. You still could if you have a way to power it but then you can only talk to the router and other devices connected to it so less useful.

For the same reason you can’t carry a garden hose aroind town and expect water to come out.