Why are sounds like rain and campfires relaxing to so many people?


How does a sound calm people down, is it all association with good memories?

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They mask what you can hear and reduce audio stimulation.

If you are trying to fall asleep, structured sounds, even faint ones, can keep you awake. A dripping faucet might not make a lot of noise, but the distinct contrast between noise and silence is enough to draw your attention.

Unstructured noises, often referred to as white noise, are loud enough to mask distracting structure noises, but because they are diffuse, there is nothing for your attention to latch onto. Your brain spends less energy processing sound, and you become less stimulated and more relaxed.

They’re probably both etched into our minds by evolution.

Hearing rain pattering on a roof means you probably have shelter which is a very good thing. Your body relaxes you to encourage you to stay put.

Campfire means you have protection, light, warmth, and maybe even company and food.

So actually when rain hits the floor really hard or lightning strikes nearby or you have a large fire, it actually produces small amounts of negative ions.
Now that negative ions dont do much but your body absorbs them and they are an all natural antidepressant.
People who tend to have depression symptoms will notice the slightest bit of better feeling when around rain or fire all your life and subconsciously you train yourself to like it.

This isn’t accurate in 100% of scenarios but I think a large portion of people do this without even realizing it.
That doesn’t mean people without depression cant like rain or fire but I have a feeling is a different kind of enjoyment they get out of it.