Where & How are people making these “.io” websites?


I am seeing a lot of websites that end with “.io” instead of “.com”. Normally, they are made for a specific task and do something really useful like summarize and article or output something when you input something, etc. How are they made?

In: Technology

Go to. Register such as gandi.net and pick a name. There are literally thousands… I mean, .name.

It is a domain assigned to British Indian Ocean Territory. Same as .uk for United Kingdom, .de for Germany and etc…

People purchase it as any other domain name trough online seller and set it up on their server.

Apps and services are made same as any other web site or web application.

They use development (programing) tools and languages they are familiar with. PHP, js, ruby, python…

There are literally over a thousand different extensions other than .com. .io is a country code for the British Indian Ocean Territory. One of hundreds of country Top Level Domains including .me, .co, .tv, which are genericized. .uk, .fr, .it, etc which aren’t genericized. That doesn’t even get into .blog, .design, .shop, or .art and the hundreds of generic TLDs.

The reason .io is used is because I/O stands for input/output. This is why you see them used for “a specific task” as you said. It’s a popular choice for websites that have something to do with programming, computer engineering, etc.