What’s the difference between a quasar, magnetar, pulsar, and blazar?


Couldn’t really find a type answer on google.



Quasar- Black Hole Shoots Out Electromagnetic Boom Boom.

Magnetar- Neutron Star, But Stronger

Pulsar- Neutron Star That Blinks

Blazar- A Quasar, But One That Stares At You


Quasars are galactic cores (Black Holes) that are emitting a large amount of electromagnetic energy. From what I understand, we can only theorize that the object is a black hole, since these objects are so bright they appear as stars.

Magnetar- are neutron stars. They rotate very quickly and generate a massively powerful magnetic field. They are typically around the same size, but given a different name to reflect this power.

Pulsars are neutron stars. They are also highly magnetic and emit a beam of radiation out of their magnetic poles. We call them Pulsars because they ‘pulse’ each time they flash their magnetic poles at us, one a rotation. We are able to measure this pulse and have used it for a few scientific discoveries.

Blazers are bright celestial cores. They are similar to quasars, with the difference being they are pointing at you.