what were the failings in the case regarding the murder of Victoria Climbie?


I’m studying the various legislations in place in the UK regarding child protection and welfare and it briefly mentions the Victoria Climbie abuse case, but doesn’t elaborate much further on why the Every Child Matters act and the Childcare Act 2006 were brought in as a result of this case, so what exactly happened with official bodies (school, the NHS, social workers, etc) for it to have been this bad? Did they just not investigate it properly?

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At the basic level it was a lack of communication between various bodies with no one body taking charge and seeing that something was done and that council social services were both overworked and incompetent.

The funding for social services was incredibly low in part due to some money going from the social services budget to the education budget. This resulted in overworked, overstressed people in social services, which in turn meant that any competent workers or supervisors found better jobs elsewhere leaving unqualified, incompetent, poorly motivated staff who were barely managed to cover far more cases than was recommended.