What is the Trophy system weapon?


What is the Trophy system weapon?

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It’s an attachment commonly placed on military vehicles as a defense system. It fires “miniature rockets”(in simple terms) as means to stop a missile or anti-vehicle threat. It usually has radars mounted with a processing unit to analyze data and ensure that there is a threat and that it is on a course towards the vehicles position to shoot it down.

TL;DR A trophy system is a system of sensors that sense an incoming projectile, then target it with its own small projectile to detonate or disarm the incoming round before it makes contact with the armor.

-the in depth version-

Now to fully understand why this works you need to understand modern anti-armor rounds. There are 3 primary methods of penetrating armor. The first is the most obvious and it’s just use a large explosive round. This works well only against no armor to lightly armored targets, but it takes a full sized artillery piece to fling a projectile with enough explosives to penetrate even moderately armored targets.

The second method uses a smaller explosion and a cone of hot metal (usually copper). These projectiles use that small explosive charge to instantly melt the copper and project it into a single point. The molten copper drills through the armor. This type around works well even against heavily armored tanks but can be defeated easily by placing a gap in between plates of armor which allow the metal to cool, disperse, and become ineffective. Hell even a chain link fence can activate the round and prevent damage. (If you look at pics of Humvees from Iraq/Afghanistan you’ll see larger slatted metal “fences” on them. That’s their purpose)

The final way is with simple kinetic energy with no explosives. They take a relatively small hard “dart” and shoot it really fast. The energy of the dart alone is usually enough to penetrate even heavily armored targets.

As a whole the trophy system can deal with all of these rounds. The first two will explode before reaching the target giving room for the energy to disperse and become ineffective. The last round won’t be exploded like the first two but it will me knocked off course and possibly tumble losing it’s energy in the process.

The biggest issue with the trophy system is even with all the best computer programming and radar it can still miss the incoming projectile occasionally. Plus it allows anyone with radar detectiom equipment or radar locked missiles to find and kill the thing the system is mounted to since it’s just blasting radio waves into the atmosphere when active.