What is the recycling bin? Is it just a folder with a custom skin?


What is the recycling bin? Is it just a folder with a custom skin?

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Yeah basically. That and a few deadicated actions like the right click menu item to make it work. The folder is actually called $RECYCLE.BIN and is a system hidden folder, but I’d you set File Explorer to show hidden files it’ll show up.

Yes, basically. The Recycle bin isn’t really a thing. In windows when you delete something, you sorta are just saying “I plan to delete this, but until I need the space or tell you otherwise, go ahead and keep it around in another folder just in case”. When you need the space or are really sure you don’t need it you can give the final confirm/ go ahead to do the deletion by emptying the recycle bin.

It is just a folder, but there is something special about it, because it doesn’t just hold the files like they were before they got deleted, it also keeps the location and time of deletion, and it can hold multiple files with the same name

* Yes but it goes deeper than that.
* Folders are actually the same things as files.
* They are just files that are made up of a list of other files, plus some extra information about them like
* how the link to other folders,
* when they were created
* who created them
* who has permission to:
* remove files from them
* add files to them
* change the name of the folder
* Same thing with devices too.
* They are files that you can send data to or read data from.
* So on a computer basically everything is a file.


If you have more than one hard drive, each one has its own recycle bin folder (otherwise files would have to be moved over to the main hard drive when you deleted them) but the recycle bin shows all the files mixed together, no matter which hard drive you deleted them from.

Also you can delete more than one file with the same name and type, and they all show up in the recycle bin, but you can’t have more than one file with the same name and type in a normal folder.

Also it remembers where you deleted them from.

Also you can’t open them.

All that stuff is part of the custom skin though. There *is* a secret recycle bin folder on each hard drive, and it’s a normal folder.

It has a few more features than that. Each file in the recycling bin usually comes with a timer for how long it’s been in there, and you can set a rule for when a file should be permanently deleted (e.g. after it’s been in the recycling bin for more than 30 days). The recycling bin also keeps track of where files were before you moved them to the bin, so that you can restore them with a single click. And often, files in the recycling bin are no longer accessible to apps – only through the file system itself (so e.g. you can’t play a movie file that’s in the recycling bin). All of this of course provides you with a safe way to mark files for deletion, which gives you an “undo” option in case you make a mistake. So it is like a regular folder, but with an additional layer of management built on top by the operating system.

Yes it is just another folder structure.
But not like the rest.

PLEASE for the sanity of your IT guy/friend and all you hold Holy!

IT is NOT for you to store your files. Its where files go to die. Before you finally decide to get rid of it.

Please don’t treat it like a hiding place… or a storage space.