What is the purpose of Inductance in LCR meters and how can it help me?


I’m currently making very minute baby steps into the world of electronics. So I’ve started to look up oscilloscopes. But during my search i encountered a few LCR multimeters that also have built in oscilloscopes. But for LCR, what does the inductance (L) do?

I was mainly trying to reading up on eevblog forums but their servers just went up in smoke so that’s out of the picture for the moment.

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An inductor just opposes current. It’s job is to ensure current keeps flowing with no fluctuations by storing magnetic energy.

Impedance is more general, inductors will have an impedance associated but so will other components.

The L part measures inductance, the C part measures capacitance, the R part measures resistance. Every real load has some characteristics L, C, and R, but the contribution to the overall impedance of each part can vary. L and C are sort of opposites of each other; L causes lagging current and C causes leading current, and they have opposite frequency dependence (as you move to higher frequency, an inductor has more and more impedance and a capacitor has less and less).

Depending on the circuit you are trying to build or analyze, you may need to know and care about one, two, or all three of these parts of impedance. Not sure how to answer your question beyond that.