what is a partial refund ?


So recently I bought this shoes that had deflects and i wanted a return ( this was on ebay) then the buyer says if i want a partial refund.
So i need to know what it is.
The value of the shoes is £40.

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A refund that isn’t the full £40, generally means you’d also keep the product but double check that with the seller

partial refund means you get to keep the product and get a part of the purchase price as a sort of after-the-fact discount for the defective product. If you want a full refund you generally have to send the product back

I’m pretty sure a partial refund usually means the actual cost of the shoes will be refunded, but not the amount you paid in taxes or shipping

A partial refund is like haggling. Basicly they’re saying they’ll give you a discount by returning some of the money and you keep the item for a cheaper price.

Forget it, tell them you want a full refund assuming your in the UK and it’s a business seller you’re covered by the distance selling act where they HAVE TO give you a refund for *any reason* you just have to cover the return postage.

A partial refund means they will give you say £10 and you keep the defective items. If it’s a small defect you might be happy with this, personally I wouldn’t be.

Don’t forget you do have the option to use Paypal Buyer Protection to get a full refund if the seller doesn’t compensate you fairly.

It sounds like the seller is trying to minimize loss. Specifically, either (1) They’re selling products with known defects hoping that people won’t notice, or (2) It’s just a chance defect to the product. I’d assume the second one, but keep the first in mind.

Depending on the nature of the product and the defect the seller might lose less money if you keep a product and they only refund you a partial amount. Otherwise, they have to eat the whole amount plus shipping charges (i.e. they didn’t just not make money they lost money on the sale).

I would only recommend taking the discount if the amount of refund they offer is sufficient for you to live with the defect.

Another option on top of what others have said is it might be cheaper for the seller to give you 20quid and let you keep the shoes then pay to have you ship them back, then they accept the damaged goods and then have to ship you back good products.

So it might just be a business decision for them to minimize their losses.

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