What does it mean “buy a house where your enemy take a vacation”


What does it mean “buy a house where your enemy take a vacation” online I think on YouTube, before it was deleted or removed from search engine?

Edit: am autistic. I don’t know social skills. It might be, that if you have money to buy houses (multiples) in a particular spot, especially since a lot of people vacation at the exact same place say every reasonably long interval of time, that as a home buyer you can change something in the future. Of course, people can invert this, and vacation a spot precisely to make their (rich or those with good credit scores) enemy buy (or morgage) houses at that spot, if they choose to vacation at this spot multiple times in the future.

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I’m not autistic but I don’t have social skills either so idk how much I Can help.

All I Can think of is how this but if you’d want to annoy your enemy, you could ruin their vacation by buying a house where they would go…
So it’s like…Planning based on what your enemy dislikes so you can make sure to annoy them?
I have no idea so I’ll just keep checking for answers. Maybe my comment will kind of help boost the post popularity if that’s how the reddit algorithm works lol


Fellow Autist here. It is a rarely used/never popularized (in the West) idiom. The meaning depends on the context, which would be helpful if your provided what they commented on.

One in terpretation of this idiom could be that: if you and your ‘enemy’ always fight when you see each other, to show up where they least expect you to, and ruin their day.

I hope this helps!

So vacations are taken in a nice place (usually). So rather then vacationing in the same place place as your opponent you should set your targets high enough that you live in the presumably nicest place that person can think of.

Disregard him entirely, and set you sights higher then he could ever do.

It means being so successful you prove your naysayers and enemies wrong. Buying a house is a major accomplishment. If you buy a house where your enemy goes to relax, then you can piss them off. It means you’re bragging in front of them at all times.

staying at home is regular and people take vacations in places better than their homes where they spend more money and have the best experience that their money can buy for a short period and then come back to their regular life.

To buy a house where your enemy vacations means to make your regular life as good as(if not better than) your enemy’s idea of best life.

tbh this is the first time ive heard of this line.

It has nothing to do with anyone but yourself. It is all from your perspective. It means do not promote your enemy and make them a big deal in your life.

Your enemy is not really going to vacation in your house- it imagines you are buying your house or your car or your pants- to get a response from someone else aka your enemy.

Maybe you are buying a bigger house than you can afford because you want to show someone else what a big deal you are. See it isn’t really about anyone but you. It is only about you and your fixation on someone else aka your enemy.

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