What do the numbers mean at a dentist check-up?


Is it identifying the tooth and giving a numerical score or something else?

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Do you mean the numbers which the dentist reads aloud to their assistant while your gums are being checked around each tooth?

The dentist is measuring how deep are any gaps (pockets) in your gums, at the base of each tooth. These pockets are places where bacteria may settle and cause tooth decay or gum diseases. Healthier gums fit snugly around teeth. The deeper are the pockets, the more risk they present.

Every tooth has a number, like say you start at top unner most tooth is nr 1,then proceed to other side, then same at bottom. Then they make a observation on every one of them on where is most important to get fixed.

It denotes the tooth by quadrant and number from centre…23 would be your upper right canine tooth