underwater sounds


i know this is a science-y topic but i wasn’t sure which of the sciences its related to and i don’t wanna put the wrong one.
so obviously i know that if someone was to scream underwater, you would be able to hear it on the surface, but what about like words? if someone was to shout a word or a sentence underwater, would you be able to hear it coherently on the surface? why/why not?

In: Physics

The issue with speaking clearly underwater is that the water flows into your mouth hindering you to speak like you’re used to.

If you manage to scream a word with many vowels you are more likely to hear them clearly because they don’t need much articulate mouth movement.
Also if you train to speak underwater and somehow manage to comprehend how you have to alter the sounds you make so that they can be heard clearly they can be heard from outside the water.

The next issue with water is that its way denser than air and if your sound travels through the water each current and wave alters the sounds.

So to conclude: The technique to speak underwater is different than with air. And even if you manage to speak clearly underwater the water itself alters the sound through movement.

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