the peppers ghost trick, used at disney?


so i know it’s reflections, but i just don’t understand how they reflect so well or how it’s used in the haunted mansion 🙁

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There’s a large pane of glass angled where you see the dining room at the Haunted Mansion. Two actually, one for above and one for below. The ghosts are animatronic figures like on Pirates of the Caribbean either beneath you or above you in the case of the duelists in the portraits. You only see their reflections when they shine a light on the figures.

Imagine this. If you’re in a dark room with a mirror and someone shines a light on their face, then you’d be able to see them in the mirror clearly. If you’re using regular clear window glass in that dark room, then you’d see the reflection as well as anything behind the glass. This is the trick used.

If you look at the ballroom dancers at Disney World (not sure of the others), the people maintaining the ride keep the hand positions correct on the figures as they view them (male left and female right holding), but in the reflection they’re all wrong because it’s reversed to the guests.

In order to get each character in the correct position as it appears to the guests, the figures need to be offset an equal distance from the glass as their position on the scene. This means that if you look at the figures of the dining room scene under the ride, you’ll see every figure in a perfectly mirrored position without any furniture around them.