SpaceX, Crew Dragon, ISS Megathread!


Please post all your questions about space, rockets, and the space station that may have been inspired by the recent SpaceX Crew Dragon launch.

Remember some common questions have already been asked/answers

[Why does the ISS seem stationary as the Dragon approaches it](

[Why do rockets curve](

[Why an instantaneous launch window?](

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Can someone explain the significance of this event? People have visited the moon before so why is this event important? I mean I guess it’s cool but we’ve seen it happen over and over in the last 50 years.

How did Falcon 9 return to the recovery unit? Was it gps guided? I thought it would’ve landed in the ocean to be retrieved by a crew.

What is Starlink? How will it work?

How can they stream such high quality footage from space?

Why have we made so little progress since landing on the moon back in the 1969. I understand that this is the first commercially made spacecraft, and that it’s the first manned US flights in 9 years, but with the incredible progressions in technology between 1969 and now, why are we now behind where we were?

Why are rockets built to go off in stages? what are the benefits?