seems like every time I go outside on a super hot day I immediately sneeze. Why is this?


I remember seeing a beam of light sneak through my blinds before and dust particles were just floating along that one beam of light…could this possibly be why?

In: Physics

No, that dust is always floating in the air.

Sneezing is a reflex, an action that we can’t really actively control, it just happens caused by something in our brain in response to some stimulation.

This reflex in some people (about 1 in 5) for some reason gets activated by sudden bright lights (like on a hot sunny day). And no one is really sure why, besides it’s just some kind of glitch in the brain.

I remember hearing some light sensitive people sneeze if there is a sudden change in light. It might have something to do with that.(but I’m not exactly the proper one to explain it sorry)

You have the gene for the photic sneeze reflex. Basically, a significant percentage of people have a gene that causes them to sneeze when first exposed to bright sunlight.