search suggestions for things I never searched for on google chrome?


when I type in something on google, for instance if I type in “” followed by a letter, there’s a bunch of suggestions for things I have never and would never search for. It’s new google account etc, I have no idea why these are coming up? Next to the suggestions are a grey earth logo, next to the ones that I have been to is the blue twitter icon.

What are these from? Is it because it’s a used computer? I wouldn’t think a new windows acct etc would have that on there? Any help/

In: Technology

By default Google automatically recommends search results based on a combination of what you’ve searched for in the past and what searches are more popular right now. If it’s a new account and you haven’t done many searches on it then a lot of the stuff is going to be pulled more from the “what’s more popular” side.

Suggested searches that Google makes based on common searches made using the words you’ve entered.