Reality Ripple effect on TikTok – please tell me it’s not actually showing ghosts.


This effect on TikTok has been all the rage now as it supposedly shows energy sources in your house as you scan around. I tried it and it scared me. Please explain the technology behind it to debunk this for me. Thank you!

Link to TikTok videos using the effect. [Link to TikTok videos using the effect.](

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The photo app tries to find moving features in the image that it can give that weird afterimage. If it doesn’t find any it tries harder, and it can sometimes try hard enough to fool itself into thinking that minor image errors or the screen shaking equates to a moving object. It then latches onto that and draws a halo around it.

No, it doesn’t show any “energy sources”. Image processing algorithms screwing up and freaking out on a false positive is super common, especially with automatic image editing tools.