napping wrinkles


So, you know when you have those indents from your pillow or sleeve on your face/arms after a quick nap? Why are they there after a nap, but never when you sleep a long while?

In: Biology

Generally people nap in weird places or uncomfortable positions and you’ll usually nap in that one position even if it’s is in bed. When you sleep overnight you move around in bed and start to toss and turn more as morning arrives so if you woke up in the middle of the night and looked in the mirror you’d probably also have wrinkles 😁

I actually woke up this morning and had a huge ‘nap wrinkle’ on one side of my face. I think during the night you probably move around more, where as in a nap you just hit a deep sleep for a shorter amount of time and usually are in one position.

I would venture a guess that it is more about water retention. If you nap after a meat, you have only been digesting for an hour. If you sleep 8 hours after a meal, you should have digested an normaled out.

The retention itself is usually from salt and sugar in the blood, pulling water into the blood with it and into the tissues around the face, causing puffiness that holds wrinkles when pressed.

Water retention and puffiness after a long sleep could possibly imply high blood pressure.