Is time multi dimensional?


If time and space are intertwined does that mean time has multi dimensions like space. In space we can move forward or backwards, left or right and up or down, does time have equivalent dimensions… We move forward in time, the past is backwards but what would be the equivalent of left or right and up or down for time?

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Time and space is intertwined because if you are explaining to your mate what the pyramids are. And not said when, you are just telling him about triangles.

And if you have a meeting with someone, the space does not matter if you do not know when.

If you are talking about some alternative universe kinda thing, it would be a place without cause and effect. Things would just happen without it being caused.

Gonna be a far out place that.

I think yes based on my psychonaughtical adventures but I have no way to explain the concept to you because as humans we don’t understand time well enough.

No, as far as we can tell there is only 1 time dimension in our universe, with 3 spatial dimensions (up/down/left/right/forward/back) that makes for a 4 dimensional spacetime.

It’s not that space and time are intertwined but that there is a concept called spacetime. One word and it’s just the one thing. Spacetime in our experienced universe has three dimensions of space and only one of time, so all you can have is back and forth in time.

But what if it wasn’t three to one? Theoretical physics has investigated this and messing with the numbers of time and space dimensions gives universes that don’t work. To be more precise, the rules of our universe fundamentally don’t work and there are no stable arrangements.

We say that space and time are intertwined as spacetime because distortions in space due to mass [what we experience as gravity] also distorts time along with it. The two can never be separated and always play off one another. This is why we say that it is the one temporal dimension of our universe of 3 spatial dimensions.

That being said, time is one dimensional. It can only move forward, or back. Time operating in any other way simply doesn’t make sense.

time is the 4th dimension. whether its running along it forwards or backwards (demons), jumping back or forth to any point in time to another (time travelling) or time stopped, where some people (heightened souls) can traverse the planet whilst every one else is motionless awaiting time to roll forwards again. ive known someone who could rewind time by about half a minute as many times as he likes what he used to repeatedly interrogate anyone all different ways in that timeframe without them realising how well this person knows them by now. everyone from the spirit world would look down at us as like we are a book, read our entire lifespan at one glance..