– If no one is born with HPV, and two virgins in a relationship can’t have HPV, where does HPV come from?


I mean if everyone is an HPV-free virgin, how does it start spreading?

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The HPV-free virgin has sexual contact with someone with HPV.

At some point in the past, HPV mutated from something else. Once *somebody* has it, normal sexual contact spreads it around.

It’s entirely possible to get HPV while technically remaining a virgin.

HPV free person had skin contact with a HPV carrier. It doesn’t have to be sexual, it could have been a handshake.

Your mistaken assumption that HPV can only be transmitted by sexual contact is fouling up your analysis. HPV including the types that cause genital warts can and does exist in multiple places on a body and can also be transmitted by fomites (say, on a surface including the floor).

Additionally your assumption that babies can’t be born with HPV is incorrect. HPV can and does live in the birth canal and on the cervix, as well as the vulva. A birthing person who acquired HPV via any means including fomite can and sometimes does pass on HPV to their baby during the birth process.

Warts are just a part of life. What’s amazing is that science has brought us a vaccine that can largely end the scourge of the cancer-causing varieties, especially cancers of the cervix and anus.

It is left as an exercise for the reader to figure out if conservatives are for or against a highly effective vaccine for cervical and anal cancer. Okay spoiler alert they’re against it.

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