How will ending encryption effect my life?


How will ending encryption effect my life?

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it basically means that anyone who wants to, will be able to access all the intricate details of your life. basically anything and everything about your life can be revealed. including all your chat convos and messages and anything you do, say, post, etc online.

You will have no privacy online. All of your private messages, either from your computer, your phone, or anything connected to the internet, will be recorded and available to be read by anybody who wants them badly enough.

Ending encryption is under the guise of catching people distributing child pornography, which it may help in doing, but it’s mostly to trick people into giving up their privacy for “the greater good”.

Will losing a VPN like private internet access solve this?

So you have a crush on Brittnie. You write a paper note, fold it, and pass it down the row of desks til it gets to her. Only she reads the note. Without encryption, it’s like writing that message on a piece of paper without folding it. Anybody that passes that message across can read it. Anybody can peak at the paper as it travels down.

A few things that could immediately happen:

– identity theft
– financial account compromise
– loss of privacy

If you do things like online banking, encryption is what keeps things safe and secure. Otherwise, we’d be able to tell your account ID, password, and what transactions you were doing.

Identify theft is huge — whether it’s pretending to be you but secretly/subtly or taking over your online persona as a whole. Think someone taking over your Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, twitch, discourse accounts and locking you out for good.

Loss of privacy will depend on your take. But just imagine ANYONE being able to read all your messages, regardless of who you talk to.

Essentially, ending encryption makes it significantly easier for *anyone* (hackers, law enforcement, you or me) to know what you’re doing online.

Imagine talking to someone (a bank teller, friend, loved one) in a room full of people. Encryption would be akin to you using a special language only you and the other person understands. Even if you were talking loudly, no one would be able to understand you, at least not easily.

If you were writing it down, encryption would be like putting your message (in that special language) in a sealed envelope and maybe also signing on the seals — even if that envelope passed multiple hands, the recipient would know if it had been altered or tampered with.

Ending encryption would allow everything you say and do to be open for anyone who would like to see it.