How the hell does Bluetooth work? You just magically send a song through the air to a speaker? I’m not buying it.


How the hell does Bluetooth work? You just magically send a song through the air to a speaker? I’m not buying it.

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Same basic principle as radio waves, cell phones and WiFi. One device generates a signal and the other receives it. What specifically are you not buying?

Came across this a while back, see if it helps.


fun fact hedy lamar ( golden age actress) actually invented the original patten for bluetooth

Both sender and receiver devices have radio transmitter and receivers. Sound is not transmitted, rather data is. The sound data is digitized by sampling or chopping up the sound into smaller time segments. the data of the segments are sent by radio waves to the receiver. The receiver then takes the radio waves, decodes them as amplitudes and recreates that data by moving the magnets connected to the diaphragms in the speaker at the correct frequency and amplitude

There are several layers of complexity here. I’m trying to rank them in order.

1. Sampling, encoding and saving of a signal, which might have already happened when you play music from a memory. The receiver’s part here would be decoding, amplifying and outputting the audio signal on the speakers.

2. chopping and encoding the data to fit Bluetooth’s transmission protocoll. The receiver’s part here is decoding and interpreting the instructions received, e.g. is it an mp3 file?, is it a picture?, is it a live phone call? etc.

3. FM modulating that encoded signal onto the radio channel and sending it. The receivers part here is, well, receiving and demodulating it.

4. Bluetooth is just a transmission protocoll that sender and receiver must agree on. It uses certain frequency bands, encoding and modulation algorithms. Since more and more applications become Bluetooth compatible, it became somewhat of a standard and more manufacturers of data systems implement this feature in their devices.

So this is going to be a toddlerish level explanation

So if you seen anything about Morse code which convert alphabets numerical into set of high and low level represented by flashing light, telegraph or voltage level you can transmit sentence over distance wired or wireless(flashing light).

Now everything from text to music to video to application file or data can be represented as group of 0s(low) and 1s(high).
So what’s happening between two Bluetooth device is that they send and recive those 0s and 1s fast enough to minimize any glitch and that’s the magic behind Bluetooth.