How is wood made into long & wide planks?


I’m honestly confused, wood can’t be melted, if you tried bending it, it would just snap? Sorry if I sound dumb lol, I’m just curious.

[Pic of what I mean](

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Would actually can be bend when you use hot steam and pressure. That’s how they bend the wood for wooden ships and other items.
This was already known a long time and this is the reason why they were able to make wooden ships.

What it looks like you have there is some type of thin plywood. Plywood is many pieces of wood glued together.

Like plywood? Made by shaving a trunk in a continuous spiral then steaming it, flattening it out and gluing layers to desired thickness.

If not plywood, you pretty much need a tree as big as you want the wood long/wide.

YouTube is the place for you. Look up how they make plywood. Quite the interesting process. For the nice faces, they essentially take a log, take a long knife along the length of the log and shave a thin sheet off as the log rotates. The other layers are strips, or pressed woodchips held together with glue.