How is it that some really famous illegal streaming sites don’t get shut down or sued?


How is it that some really famous illegal streaming sites don’t get shut down or sued?

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Many of them are based in other countries where the laws about pirating media are different. A lot of the larger corporations have a harder time suing those streaming sites, as international law suits are complicated, and in many cases there’s not much that can be done if the country at question goes “That’s not illegal here, so you can’t sue them.”

They usually do get shutdown. But it’s hard to sue if they’re based in a different country and if it’s hard to figure out who is running the website. The best they can do is hit them with a DMCA notice, but even then it really only applies to America. There are other country equivalents but as you can probably already see, this means a long legal process in each country, especially when a new website just pops up again.

Damn those sites! Which sites are you talking about though? What are the best illegal streaming sites, specifically? Feel free to DM me.

I’m not sure if it works similarly in America but in Australia our High Court will also block the streaming sites so you cannot access them

The internet is designed to be inherently free and unrestricted. For the internet to work, everyone has to agree that their computers will pass data another computer asks it to send to another computer.

Because the internet works this way, it requires great organization and effort to block a website. In comparison, it is easy to circumvent these blockages, because the internet design is in favor of freedom.

It’s like trying to chase a squirrel, it’s just too fast to catch. It can go faster and change direction faster than you. It has a big advantage.

In a word, jurisdiction. Other countries don’t have to follow our laws, and very often don’t. If we really care about imposing some rules we want them to follow, we can invade them or threaten them, but it’s generally not worth it for something so small.