how is endometriosis not a form of cancer?


The cells act similar to cancer, it sure as hell feels like dying, and there’s no cure. What is the qualifier that makes it not cancer?

In: Biology

Cancer starts when cells start to replicate out of control. However, the cells in question are still the correct cells for whatever organ or body structure the tumour is forming in, and that will remain the case until it gets so bad that it starts metastatizing to other parts of the body. Endometriosis, though, is where cells that *aren’t* supposed to be there (uterus wall cells in this case, as I understand it) start growing in odd places around the body. While I’m sure it’s a horrifically painful thing, I’m also sure it’s far less likely to kill you than most cancers.

Cancer cells are undifferentiated/ immature cells. Endometriosis is caused by mature differentiated uterine wall cells.

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