how does uh storage contain so much storage when it’s so small?


I don’t even know what it’s called I’m literally 3 now (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)

But like ya know the storage for computer and iPads and stuff like how does it contain so much “storage”? It’s so small but like how come there’s known to be so much storage in them??? Like it’s literally just a skinny piece of whatever it is idk what it’s called so how is there so much things inside of that small thing?? Idk if I’m even explaining it correctly-

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The term you are looking for is data storage.

Everything on your computer is translated into strings of bits, which are represented with 0s and 1s. These binary digits are then stored by burning a hard drive with that information, though there are more complicated ways to store it like NAND. 1 byte is equal to eight of these 0s and 1s, so a megabyte would have 8,000,000 digits, and a gigabyte would have 800,000,000. Traditional hard drives will spin a magnetic disc that’s been etched with these digits really really fast, whereas NAND storage will use a series of flashing electrical connections. These digits are the language your computer speaks in, and your computer reading these digits will do what those digits tell it to do. Over time data storage has been optimized to fit literal nanometers of physical space, letting us put so much storage in small devices.