How does the human brain dictate when it’s time to nap and when to fully sleep?


I think my naps and full sleep got swiped and now my brain thinks it’s appropriate to nap at night and fully sleep at daytime. I’ve been trying to fix this by sleeping only at night and my brain is still thinking that even with all the tiredness I only need a short nap..soo what gives?

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Multiple things control the desire to sleep.

1. The circadian rhythm. You have a part of your brain dedicated to knowing what time it is. It doesn’t just control sleep, and it can be affected by things like light and temperature. Your brain releases chemicals based on this.

2. Melatonin. Your body makes this chemical, which doesn’t make you sleepy per say, but makes you ready for sleep.

3. Adenosine. Another chemical your body makes. It increases through out the day, and once it reaches a certain level, you get the desire to go to sleep. This is what coffee messes with.

4. Histamines. Histamines help keep you awake. This is why antihistamines, like Benadryl, make you sleepy.

So any disruption of those could mess up a sleep cycle.

I do have a fried of mine that has Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder (DSPD), whereby his sleep cycle is almost completely the opposite. An analogy is like having to be born on the wrong time of the day.

From what I heard, it isn’t very uncommon, but not many ppl are diagnosed. Perhaps you might wanna see a doctor if you find that it’s getting worse.

One advice I have is to reflect on your sleeping habits. Do you use lost of mobile devices before bed time? Is your mind constantly not at rest due to school or work? Are u having a healthy lifestyle?

Hope this helps:)

I remember reading about how camping could help reset your circadian rhythm. This is the best I could find with a 30sec google search. On mobile but now I’m curious and will look for follow up studies later

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