How does a torrent file work?


How does a torrent file work?

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A single torrent consists of multiple files that is concatenated together and split into equal length pieces. The torrent file contains a list of the files, their lengths and for each piece it have a unique hash to make sure it gets the right data from the peers. This means that if someone were to send out the wrong data the client will notice because the hash does not match the one in the torrent file. The torrent file also contains lists of trackers and other metadata that might be useful to the client.

A torrent is just a source file on someone else’ pc rather than the typical server source on web. There’s called peers and seeds. Peers are all the PCs with the same file and is ‘seeding’ it that you can download from. So more peers/seeds = better

A torrent is like a puzzle. It tells you where you can find the pieces, and like a puzzle tells you what it should look like when it’s completed.

Your computer reaches out to a tracker and says what part of the puzzle you still need. Anyone who already has those pieces will send them to you.

Once you have all the pieces your computer checks the file against the picture it has of what the puzzle was supposed to look like.