how does a service rig operate


how does a service rig operate

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WTF is a ‘service rig’ me asks me?

Service rigs are simply big trucks that have different payloads that are necessary to set up, maintain, operate, and dismantle oil drilling rigs. As such, they operate like any normal truck. Their payloads include the carrier (the truck or trailer that carries the derrick to it’s needed position and sets it up). Pumptrucks carry pumps and tanks to pump oil from the rig during the setup or maintenance process. The doghouse is used for crew operations, whether it be suiting up or cleaning up after shift, eating or having meetings, storing smaller tools, etc. It also houses communications equipment and has a diesel generator on board for needed electricity on site. A 5 ton truck is a larger truck that carries heavier tools and extra fittings and pipe for the well. It is also used to pull the doghouse from one site to another. All of these rigs are staffed by roughnecks who do the labor of keeping an oil field production.

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