How does a game in development for 7 years stay up-to-date with trends, graphics, etc?


I am referencing CyberPunk by the way.

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Cyberpunk isn’t part of a trend, it’s an rpg, they have been popular video games for 30+ years.

Graphics don’t get better with time anymore. A computer has been able to display photo realistic visuals for a while now, so the longer the game is in development, the better the average compiter is, and the easier real time rendering is.

Amateur game programmer here. Explained in a short simple way:

The core of the game doesn’t require graphics. Every mechanic and the way everything is used by the player or calculations are just code. So this doesn’t require any other tune to fit the market standard.

About graphics: They are normally designed much better than the ones you will see on the game. This is the reason of people complaining that graphics where far superior on the E3 demo than the final release. Think of it as the cutscenes from a final fantasy game, the model is the same, but the cutscene looks so much better.
The thing is, the cutscene must be rendered onto a video and that takes a ton of time, so those awesome graphics cannot be run on real time, so they are replicated for “lower poly” versions that your pc can actually render on real time. Now, if you have been developing for 7 years, chances are that nowadays pc can run the graphics somewhat near to whatever you designed on 3D 7 years ago. Plus, you can always apply new texture applying techniques to old 3d models, to make them look more realistic.

Sorry for the bad english.