how do vacuum insulated bottles work?


The ones that keep your water warm or cold for hours and hours.

In: Engineering

Some types of heat (energy) like to transfer kinetically through collisions among atoms. If there are no atoms, like in a vacuum, then this kinetic transfer mechanism can’t happen.

The better the vacuum and the completely it surrounds your beverage (i.e., no uninsulated caps or screws that go through the vacuum lining), the longer your drink stays hot/cold.

There are two pieces of metal. The inner container, and the outer container, they only come in contact with each other at the neck of the bottle. the void between them is a vacuum, that is to say the air has been pumped out of the void and a vacuum exists.

Because there is now no air, the space between them can’t transmit heat from one container to the other and thus cool or heat the liquid inside. So the vacuum acts as an insulator and keeps the beverage at the same temperature it was when it was poured in for a very long time.

eventually, the minute connection between the two containers will cause the liquid to come to room temp what ever that may be.