how do people know how many flips to do while jumping off cliffs or high diving-boards?


When I was a kid, we would do flips off the diving board, but nothing more than 2-1/2, so what I’m more curious about are people that do like, 6-15 flips before hitting the water from higher jumps.

I find myself watching these cliff jumping videos and wonder how or what mechanism in the brain allows for humans to “time” the number of flips to the distance fallen? How is it exactly that we “know” the speed to rotate to land how we want to land?

Take help give an extreme example of what I’m talking about, please see this YouTube video: [Cliff Diving World Series](


In: Biology

Because they practice?

Divers, especially competitive ones aren’t going to just randomly jump off of things without knowing what they’re doing. Of course, cliffs are more inconsistent and harder to prepare for but you can still make estimates about height.

High diving and stuff is always from standardized heights.

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